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Bark peeling machine basic operating procedures
Dec 14, 2016

How to use bark peeling machine, which processes need to have it in operation?
1, in order to give full play to bark peeling machine, the operator should not be less than 2;
2, due to the material without iron, stones and other debris;
3, working, adjust material feed capacity, overload caused by too much stall, too little influence of guillotine cutting efficiency;
4, work if there was a blockage, no force feeding by hand or iron bar, should be immediately shut down to clear;
5, when working, such as the case of abnormal or hear unusual sounds should be immediately shut down to check, check must cut off the power supply before banning machine troubleshooting;
6, the moving parts every day add a butter, main bearing using a 300-hour needs to raise a lithium base grease with butter;
7, stop working, let the machine idle for two minutes, blowing dust, weed, and then shut down.