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Bark peeling machine introduced
Dec 14, 2016

Belonging to one of the wood-processing industry machinery and equipment log peeler, can come to the fore in the many timber equipment, and wood peeling machines themselves have the advantage of inseparable, mount Meng machinery as we simply introduce the bark peeling machine.
1, bark peeling machine from a feed, other end of assembly-line work, overcomes the drum peeling machine power feed and discharge, segmented form of high efficiency.
2, bark peeling machine adaptable to timber, for different tree species, diameters, lengths and shapes of wood peeled, because wooden rotary movement and irregular beats, so the recess of bent wood and stripping the teeth nice touch.
3, when working, such as abnormal or hear unusual sounds should be immediately shut down to check, must cut off the power before checking to prohibit the bark peeling machine operation troubleshooting.
4, stopped working, should be allowed to bark peeling machine idle for two minutes, blowing dust, weed, and then shut down.