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Bark peeling machine is how to repair the irregular wood
Dec 14, 2016

Bark peeling machine as a powerful primary woodworking machinery for wood processing is critical so that later in the process, it can be said only timber repair order, comply with the specifications, can produce plate, minimum waste. Timber into logs after peeling machine what is what?
Wood peeling machine works: wood into logs, twigs, branches and other drum, close the feed plate, start the machine, running clockwise, wood in the drum with the machine running, make the peeling knife to peel on the wood. 15 minutes later, turn off the machine, open the bezel, and then start the machine runs two minutes and counterclockwise, Peel skin of wood can be automatically sent out by the drum. Peeling rate can reach 95%.
Uncut called nothing really, wood does not do a preliminary repair works later will cause a lot of waste, mount Meng machinery and provide you with better products.