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Bark peeling machine work where
Dec 14, 2016

Bark peeling machine is characterized by overcoming the old no card cutting machine adjustments, before and after the error, cutting product thickness is not uniform, easy maintenance, and many other ills now appear most prominent advantage of CNC lathe is the parameter can be set according to user needs, which are particularly suitable for Rotary cutting machine automatic adjustment, strong anti-interference ability. It inherits the characteristics of the original Rotary cutting machine is easy to operate, but also rely on PLC, implements automatic log stripping machine is one of the main devices for production of plywood, CNC guillotine machine not only improves the production veneer of quality and precision, but also significantly improve the production efficiency and machine automation. According to the knife moving bed sensor data, real time calculation tool feed speed, Kiriko skin thickness planing, high precision, smooth surface.
Bark peeling machine is veneer for plywood production line or important equipment on the production line. Bark peeling machine dynamic high speed operation, guarantee the cutting thickness is always maintained at the set value, so under normal veneer, veneer uniformity of error is within ± 0.1mm. Adaptability to bark peeling machine. Use site features for veneer, wide working voltage range design. In the case of voltage fluctuations to maintain constant output torque at rated voltage of more than 60 ℅ are able to meet the normal operation of Rotary cutting. For many rural poor power environment where this technology is particularly effective. Wide adjustable speed range of the CNC cutting machine, cutting speed, high efficiency, can meet the requirements out of the high line speed.