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Automatic Wood Lathe CNC, High Efficiency, High Precision, Environmental Protection
Oct 27, 2017

Automatic Wood Lathe tool is one of the eight sub-categories of machine tool industry, the rest of the metal cutting machine tools, casting machinery, metal forming machine tools, abrasive abrasive, the amount of cutting tools, machine tools, machine tool accessories are often of concern. With the furniture market fiery, carpentry lathe also followed the fire up, especially CNC, efficient, high precision, environmentally friendly Automatic Wood Lathe is much favored.

CNC machine tool is the parts of the processing requirements, steps and dimensions with a code of the digital representation, through the information carrier input dedicated computer, after processing and calculation, issued a variety of control signals to control the action of the machine, according to the drawings required automatic processing of parts come out. Sales in the second place is containing barium ferrosilicon inoculants, once again containing strontium ferrosilicon inoculants. Carbon inoculum (including Inoculin from Foseco, the international copper-containing rare earth inoculants, which not only can control the program and auxiliary functions, but also coordinate control, is the 20th century, 30 years of integrated application of computing technology, automatic control technology , Precision measurement and machine tool design and other advanced technology developed a new type of machine tools.

CNC popularity and the advantages of the increasingly prominent, Automatic Wood Lathe tools are increasingly favored in the choice of CNC type, because it is not only efficient and improve the quality and accuracy of the product. Through the numerical control technology to control the mechanical action, enterprises can process cylindrical, conical, curved, spherical and other complex shape of the rotary wood products or wood semi-finished products. Especially for small and medium-sized wood enterprises in the mass production, from the production of all trolley intermediate quality inspection data can be seen in a certain range of increased Mn content to improve the tensile strength has some advantages, but at the same time will reduce the elongation Rate, can be set at any time flexible shape, copper plate quickly change the processing style. "CNC Automatic Wood Lathe" is through the NC program control processing machinery and equipment. According to the requirements of woodworking industry, for the characteristics of wood products processing industry, combined with wood products industry operating habits, independent research and development of patented products.

Woodworking CNC machine tool is also the hope of upgrading the furniture industry, with the decline in the cost of domestic CNC equipment, Automatic Wood Lathery has been the premise of universal. CVD technology is widely used in cemented carbide blade surface treatment, can achieve a single layer coating, single component and multi-layer, multi-component composite coating deposition. Coating thickness can reach 7 ~ 9? M, the current China's Automatic Wood Lathe tool industry from the popularity of CNC technology to start, and gradually to the set of intelligent, and large-scale development

1, knife and tool change tool maintenance

1) with manual way to the knife when the knife, to ensure that in place, check the knife seat on the lock is reliable;

2) is strictly prohibited to overweight, long tool into the magazine, to prevent the robot tool change knife or tool with the workpiece, fixture, such as the collision;

3) The use of sequential selection method should pay attention to the tool placed in the magazine on the order is correct. Other tool selection methods should also pay attention to whether the tool number is the same with the required tool to prevent the wrong tool lead to accidents;

4) keep the tool holder and knife cover clean;

5) often check the magazine back to zero position is correct, check the CNC woodworking lathe spindle back to the knife point position is in place, and timely adjustment, or can not complete the tool change;

6) boot, the knife and the robot should first run empty, check the work of all parts of the normal, especially the trip switch and solenoid valve can be normal action.