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Automatic Wood Lathe Greatly Improve The Accuracy Of The Completion
Oct 18, 2017

Compared with traditional lathe, the automatization degree of Automatic Wood Lathe is greatly improved. CNC Woodworking lathe does not require workers to operate the equipment at all times, but only before processing the drawing content using a programming language into the CNC lathe computer, the computer will be active analysis, through the central processing unit to the equipment command operation. This kind of numerical control machine tool is a great relief to manpower, greatly enhances the completion accuracy.

The traditional lathe in the processing, an intelligent processing of 1 products, and CNC woodworking lathe Two-axis dual-knife CNC woodworking lathe can be processed at the same time 2 products. Simple to operate, easy to draw, easy to understand,Automatic Wood Lathe a key conversion product style, no professional personnel training can be operated. and automatic CNC woodworking lathe, can be operated by one person at the same time 2-3 units, greatly improve the processing efficiency, saving labor and save money, bring good economic benefits

Compared with traditional woodworking lathe, CNC woodworking lathe has the advantages of simple operation and high precision. And now the market on the CNC woodworking lathe manufacturers More and more, the type of lathe more and more. Choose a high cost-effective CNC woodworking lathe for enterprise production is particularly important.

The lathe is fitted with various metal tools and grinding heads, which can be molded by rotating the plate. The more important parts of lathe are bed body,Automatic Wood Lathe bedside box (head seat), Tailstock (tailstock), turret and motor. The headstock is fixed and the tailstock can slide along the bed to form a different size of the operating space.