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Lamination Press To Ensure That The Water Temperature To Meet The Technological Requirements
Jul 18, 2017

Will be equipped with a good porcelain slurry according to the process requirements in the casting machine on the strip, through the casting drying after stripping, a capacitor dielectric material (porcelain film); and then the use of precision laminated screen printing technology, In the porcelain film on the repeated stacking of printed electrodes,Lamination Press each layer of a pressure through the pressure table and then printed, as a component of Pakistan block.

In order to make the block structure is dense, the Pakistani block in the plastic film bag, vacuum sealed, placed in the container of hot water,Lamination Press the container sealed pressure to 30Mpa above the components in the water after the pressure itself is loose The structure becomes uniform and dense, to ensure the consistency of the electrical performance indicators, and effectively improve the quality of the product.

Regardless of which work the Lamination Press is used, its working principle is the same.

That is, in the surface of the multi-layer material to exert a certain pressure, these substances tightly pressed together. The difference is that depending on the purpose of the laminate, the conditions of the compression are different.

The structure of the laminating system is mainly composed of four parts: loading and unloading system, heating system, pressure system and protection system. The heating system consists of measuring elements, controllers and heaters. Its function is to the container of water temperature and temperature control, heat through the water conduction to the pressure of the capacitor block to make it even heat. Barge heat becomes soft, both conducive to compression, but also to avoid compression cracks.

The heating element is a stainless steel electric heating plate wrapped around the outer surface of the hermetically sealed container. After the electric power is applied, the electric heating plate generates heat, and the heat is transmitted to the water in the container to raise the temperature. In practice, to ensure that the water temperature can meet the technical requirements, usually in the feed before the heating, and with the temperature detection equipment to directly measure the water temperature. In the work of the container is in a high-pressure state, the water temperature can only be measured by intelligent digital temperature controller to control, control. The temperature measurement element can not directly measure the temperature of the liquid in the container, can only take indirect measurement methods, so the requirements of the components in the selection and installation should strive to reduce the measurement error and control of the lag. Pressure system by the pressure transmitter, pressure control instruments, booster pumps, manual valves, pneumatic valves and other components. Its main function is: the pressure transmitter to detect the pressure inside the sealed container size, the pressure value into 4 ~ 20 mA standard signal, sent to the pressure control instrument signal input.

The pressure control instrument is the control core of the pressure system, which receives the pressure signal from the pressure transmitter and controls the output according to the received pressure signal size.

Pressure control instrument output signal control a set of pressurization components, the system through the pressurized components to the sealed container internal pressure.

The booster assembly is a more complex and critical component that consists of a solenoid valve and a booster pump. Through the booster pump continuously to the closed container into the water inside the container to continue to rise until the pressure set value.