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Lamination Press With Good Operability
Jun 05, 2017

In order to study the failure probability of cognitive function of continuous operation of laminator operators, a failure probability analysis method - cognitive reliability and error analysis method (CREAM) is proposed. The environmental impact index β and the control mode area of CREAM are modified to meet the scenario environment of the laminator operators. The probability of failure of the laminator operator is 0.0363, And team members with the training can effectively reduce the Lamination Press operator cognitive failure probability. Based on the CREAM correction method, the failure probability model of the cognitive function of the laminator operator is established, which has good operability.

The reliability and safety of man-machine systems are increasingly dependent on human reliability. According to the China General Administration of Safety statistics for 2013 ~ 2014 found that more than 70% of the accident is due to human error behavior, human error has become the root cause of the accident. Because of the complexity of human behavior and the change of operating environment, it is difficult for operators to analyze and forecast failure probability. At present, we mainly improve the management ability and improve the job cognition level to reduce the probability of human failure.

Cognitive reliability and error analysis method (CREAM) is proposed by Dr. Erik, who believes that the probability of human cognitive failure is affected by the situational environment, Erik proposed a unique cognitive model and system, to determine the identity of the operator Know the state and predict its future changes. CREAM attributes the environmental factors to the common performance conditions (CPC). Through the mass production experience, CREAM has nine main factors, namely, organizational perfection, working condition, man-machine interface (MMI) and operational support The feasibility of the program / program, the number of targets available, the time available, the time zone, the adequacy of training and experience, and the quality of the cooperation of the team members. Each CPC factor can determine its expected effect on performance reliability based on its horizontal status: improved, not significant, and reduced.

Solar laminator is the necessary equipment for each PV module manufacturer, the main role is to EVA, solar cells, tempered glass, back film (TPT, PET and other materials) under high temperature vacuum conditions into a certain rigid overall. The main responsibility of the laminator operator is to remove the process card from the component before entering the laminator and record the process card information in the system. After laminating the laminator,Lamination Press the process card is attached to the assembly and the The parameters of the laminator are changed and processed in time. The good cognitive behavior of laminator operators is especially important for PV module manufacturers, and their negligence and missed calls are likely to cause the components in the laminators to be scrapped, the laminators are shut down, and even leave serious safety hazards. Cause the accident to happen. It is known that more than one laminator assembly is scrapped, and the damage of the laminator operator is related to the operation procedure of the laminator operator, the abnormal alarm information processing is not timely and so on. Therefore, the behavior of the laminator operator is predicted and determined Its cognitive state has great significance.

The operation of the laminator operator has the following characteristics: the laminator personnel must repeatedly check the component process card information and enter the system, while the laminator equipment in the instrument data to observe, according to the laminator instrument Data changes to determine whether the normal operation of the laminator, and then take the adjustment parameters,Lamination Press stop into the box maintenance or reporting waiting for maintenance and other measures, and then repeat the process; laminator operators operating behavior will be their operating environment and Job status, the performance of the operator is not a random occurrence of the incident, is completed by the entire job content and operating environment of the decision.