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Peeling Line Models Can Be Customized To Improve The Flexibility Of Technical Support
Dec 14, 2016

Flexibility for Rotary cutting lines and other mechanical equipment is very important, flexible forms of work can lead to a lot of work is not smooth, so how to increase flexibility in product design, is the production development meaning. For Rotary cutting line on the market today, design plans of the models can be customized to a large extent improved the flexibility of technical support.
In spin cut line of models design Shang, contemporary design engineers are more focused on has production needs of flexibility, because market Shang for plywood, wood plate different production situation of needs, so to spin cut line, production equipment proposed has more of technology requirements, single fixed of of models fundamental not can support diversification of production needs, according to customer of wishes for models of custom, in meet market production needs Shang made has equipment support.
Nowadays market demand for wood products and higher production efficiency needs to be greatly satisfied, from rotary cut lines and other equipment to try to increase productivity, improve product quality, is a sensible direction.