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Plywood Lamination Machine Stable Performance
Jun 16, 2017

In the production of Plywood Lamination Machine almost every process in varying degrees affect the quality of Plywood Lamination Machine gluing, in order to facilitate the master, summarized the following aspects:

1, the quality of adhesive

Performance for the use of synthetic resin adhesive adhesive properties, the composition of the coordination and transfer technology, such as several side mite surface. In recent years, the domestic Plywood Lamination Machine with glue on the composition and the preparation of a lot of research work, which not only save a lot of chemical raw materials, reducing product costs, so that the performance of products also improved, which is the performance of technological progress. In the production of synthetic resin used only excellent performance, with sufficient bonding strength, the adhesive composition of each group is reasonable, the stability of the prepared adhesive performance, resin content and viscosity appropriate, with a long enough activity to ensure that the normal operation and products of the Indicators meet the requirements.

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2, veneer quality

The quality of the veneer, especially its surface state, has a significant effect on the bond strength. Veneer quality to be prepared in the wood and veneer peeling of the process should be given enough attention to a good softening of the wood, the control of the conditions of the peeling of the individual indicators of the board at the best value, and should pay attention to veneer water Rate and flatness.

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3, Plywood Lamination Machine gluing

Before the pressure should pay attention to master the amount of sizing and slab aging two links. Glue is too large, the cost is high; and the adhesive layer is too thick, the internal stress increases, and easy to glue; glue is too small, is not conducive to glue infiltration, glue layer will not complete. The length of aging should be appropriate, with a reasonable change with climate change. To achieve the core sheet of the whole,Plywood Lamination Machine to reduce the core stack, from the seam. Should pay attention to master the pressure of the pressure column, buck rate, especially in the slab more water should pay attention.