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Plywood Machine Chemical Stability And Excellent Resistance To Aging,
Jul 07, 2017

Fireproof Flame Retardant Board is the most popular decorative flame retardant sheet in the sheet metal industry. Flame retardant Plywood Machine is widely used. It is not only visible in public places, such as central square, shopping plaza, department store, entertainment , But how is the flame retardant board division?

Flame retardant Plywood Machine to wood as the main raw material production of flame retardant Plywood Machine, due to its rational structure and the production process of fine processing, can generally overcome the shortcomings of wood greatly improve and improve the physical and mechanical properties of wood, while flame retardant Plywood Machine To overcome the shortcomings of ordinary Plywood Machine easy to burn, effectively improve the flame retardant properties of Plywood Machine, flame retardant Plywood Machine production is fully rational use of wood, improve the performance of an important way of wood. Taking full account of the fire hazard of smoke density and toxic gas.

Flame retardant Plywood Machine index data:

Flame retardant Plywood Machine Excellent product performance:

① excellent flame retardant performance:

GB8624-2006 "Classification of Combustion Performance of Building Materials and Products"

GB / T8625-2005 "Test method for flame retardancy of building materials" Flammable materials

② free formaldehyde release products ≤ 4.0mg / 100g, much lower than the national standard E1 9.0mg / 100g provisions;

③ The moisture absorption of the flame retardant Plywood Machine is small, the expansion of the thickness of the water absorption is stable, excellent moisture resistance, does not affect the finishes, paint and other secondary processing;

④ has a high chemical stability and excellent resistance to aging;

⑤ MOR, MOE, IB and other physical and mechanical properties are subject to the provisions of the national standard grade A grade requirements;

⑥ flame retardant Plywood Machine itself safe and environmentally friendly, burning residue non-toxic, non-polluting;

⑦ flame retardant Plywood Machine grip screw force is excellent, does not corrode metal links;

⑧ does not damage the decorative properties of flame retardant Plywood Machine, adhesive and machining performance;

⑨ according to customer requirements for mildew treatment;

According to the analysis of Plywood Machine Machine industry analysts, it is clear that today's large Plywood Machine mills in India will be reorganized and Plywood Machine quality and service taxes will begin to affect so-called "disordered producers" that include hundreds of small Unregistered Plywood Machine business plants, these low-grade business production costs are low, the production of low quality products in India accounted for about 60-75% of the entire industry, once affected by the control, the domestic Plywood Machine will be under-supply situation.

 In recent years, the government has been very focused on infrastructure construction, in power, highway, railway, aviation, urban infrastructure, commercial buildings, residential, port, water conservancy facilities, mining, oil and gas and other construction investment, it can be said that the next five years The next 20 years to 30 years will be the peak of India's infrastructure construction. The potential for growing demand for domestic housing in India, with domestic Plywood Machine consumption in India, is also showing an uptrend, with analysts expecting doubling growth in 2017, especially in northern and western India.