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Plywood Machine One Month To Maintain Once
Jul 18, 2017

Plywood Machine manufacturers in the technical staff told us that the use of Plywood Machine in the process, it is necessary to pay attention to its maintenance, then the maintenance of its knowledge, do not know if you know it? Xiaobian put himself Know the knowledge introduced to everyone, the specific explanation about it!

Plywood Machine is an important tool for the production of plywood, in order to ensure the quality of the products produced, so in the use of the process, you need to pay special attention to maintenance, so that it can extend its service life, in fact, it is maintained or Very simple, mainly for easy damage to the parts to maintain, you need to regularly clean it dust, regular replacement of oil seal O-ring, etc., these are in the maintenance process, need to pay attention to the problem, generally in the maintenance of the time , Are regular, one month to maintain once.

Plywood machine manufacturers told us that each plywood manufacturers will be based on different standards, the plywood is divided into different types, the following we have to look at what types of it!According to the structure of plywood, can be divided into plywood, sandwich plywood and composite plywood. According to the different shape of plywood, can be divided into two types of plywood and plywood. In our lives can be based on the use of different, divided into ordinary plywood and special plywood, which is the most common application of plywood, plywood can meet the special purpose of the plywood. Also according to the different forms of processing, can be divided into sanding plywood, scraping plywood, veneer plywood and pre-embangled plywood.

Plywood Machine manufacturers told us that in the production of plywood when to comply with the two basic principles, this will produce the product quality better, the following by Xiao Bian to tell you about the basic principles of plywood:

Symmetry principle, refers to the symmetry of the plywood on both sides of the plane board, its nature, fiber direction, thickness, moisture content, etc., should be symmetrical with each other. Followed by the principle that the adjacent layers of the veneer fibers are perpendicular to each other. In the same plywood, single veneers and thickness veneers can be used, and veneers of different tree species and thickness can be used; but any two sides of the symmetry center plane Symmetrical veneer species and thickness should be the same.

Plywood machine manufacturers introduced plywood is a common home improvement board, in our daily life will be applied to, then how is it done? The following let manufacturers to take you to understand the production process it.

A group of veneers are usually made in the direction of the adjacent layers in the direction of the adjacent layers. Generally, the panels and the inner panels are arranged symmetrically on either side of the center layer or the core. With the veneer after the wood by the direction of the criss-cross the composition of the slab, heated or not heated under the conditions of suppression. The number of layers is generally odd, and few are even. Vertical and horizontal direction of the physical and mechanical properties of small differences.