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Plywood Production Line More Smooth Surface And Good Stability
Oct 18, 2017

China's Plywood Production Line industry can develop rapidly and dominate the international medium and low-end market, its production characteristics:

1 single Board preparation and Plywood Production Line production separate

Plywood Production Line production in Europe and the United States, from the log to the finished product, all processes by a whole production line, and most of our enterprises veneer and Plywood Production Line production is separate. Veneer rotary Cutting is the preparation of raw materials, veneer manufacturing enterprises close to the log-producing areas, hot pressing is a product of production, demand close to the market, enterprises in the economically developed towns. The vast majority of enterprises rely on the purchase of veneer Plywood Production Line production.

2) Adopting the technology of rotary cutting without card spindle

Non-card axis rotary cutting technology can greatly improve the veneer yield and wood utilization ratio, the minimum diameter of wood core can be reduced to $number cm.

3 single board adopts natural drying method

The wet veneer of most small and medium sized enterprises are dry to the equilibrium moisture content by natural drying method, according to the author's estimate, can save about 80% of dry energy, about 20% ~ 30% cost.

4 manual operation instead of some equipment

Manual operation not only saves the investment of production equipment, but also solves the problem of employment.

Because the Plywood Production Line raw material mainly for the small diameter material, the production single board flaw is many, the patching quantity is big, moreover the rotary cutting equipment is backward, the broken veneer is many. The use of machine repair, the need for equipment to invest in large, high production costs, many small enterprises unbearable. The labor price is cheap, manual operation, such as manual repair of veneer, can significantly improve wood yield and veneer utilization ratio. Therefore, this stage is still mainly artificial repair.

5 multiple hot pressing process

Although, many times hot pressing procedure is cumbersome, the manpower, the material consumption is high, to the adhesive performance request also is high, but the domestic most small and medium-sized Plywood Production Line enterprise still uses several times hot pressing craft. The main reason is that the process can use a large number of low grade veneer, the production of a more flat surface, better stability, and to adapt to the needs of the higher grades of Plywood Production Line, such as flooring substrate Plywood Production Line.