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Plywood Production Line Plywood Industry Can Develop Rapidly
Jun 05, 2017

Plywood Production Line With the rapid development of China's economy, when the domestic plywood production can not meet the huge market demand, import plywood began to enter a large number. Due to the disparity between domestic and foreign plywood, imports of plywood and timber profits higher, some foreign investment, Taiwan-funded enterprises have entered the field of plywood and wood, set up a group of foreign plywood enterprises, but also led the rise of private plywood production enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, Zhejiang Jiashan plywood production base formation. Production of raw materials to import Nanyang wide wood-based, peeling equipment used double card large diameter peeling machine.

With the sharp decline in the number of imported logs, domestic fast growing Yang became the main timber market, especially in northern Jiangsu Yi Yang planting area, Italian plywood pearl production base.

And benefit from the logistics developed,Plywood Production Line  convenient transportation, poplar supply sufficient advantages, Shandong Linyi in one fell swoop to become the country's largest plywood manufacturing base, it is reported that plywood production enterprises more than 5,000. Despite the weak foundation and capacity of the plywood industry in these clusters, the resource advantages are obvious.

Poplar plywood due to color white, the advantages of light, in the home improvement and furniture industry is very popular. However, poplar material is soft, low density, low strength, easy to warp, easy to shrink and crack when drying, plywood quality have a certain impact. In order to compensate for its shortcomings, the import of pine, especially from Oceania, began to be used for the production of plywood. Pine plywood cement template has a unique advantage, in this context, Fujian Zhangzhou has gradually become a pine plywood production base.

Eucalyptus industry is Guangxi and the surrounding areas of the advantages of industry. As the eucalyptus density is moderate, the material is hard, and easy to peeling, eucalyptus plywood industry gradually grow in Guangxi Nanning surrounding, eucalyptus plywood production quickly gathered.

China's plywood industry can quickly develop and guide the international, low-end market, its production features:

1) veneer preparation and plywood production separately

Europe and the United States national plywood production, from the logs peeling to the finished sheet, all the processes from a complete production line to complete, and most of our enterprises veneer and plywood production is carried out separately. Veneer spinning is a raw material preparation, veneer manufacturing enterprises more close to the logs producing areas; billet hot pressing is the production, requiring close to the market,Plywood Production Line  enterprises and more in economically developed towns. The vast majority of enterprises rely on the purchase of veneer production plywood.

2) the use of non-card shaft peeling technology

No card shaft peeling technology can greatly improve the small diameter wood veneer board rate and wood utilization, wood core diameter can be reduced to a minimum of 2 ~ 3 cm.

3) veneer using natural drying method

Most of the small and medium-sized enterprises of the wet veneer are used to dry the natural drying method to balance the moisture content, according to the author estimates,Plywood Production Line  can save about 80% of the dry energy, about 20% to 30% of the cost.

4) manual operation instead of part of the equipment

Manual operation not only saves production equipment investment, but also solves the employment problem.

Plywood raw materials mainly for the small diameter material,Plywood Production Line  the production of veneer defects are more, repair large; with peeling equipment behind, broken veneer and more. The use of machine repair, the need for large investment in equipment, high production costs, many small businesses unbearable. The labor force inexpensive, manual operation, such as artificial repair veneer, can greatly improve the timber yield and veneer utilization. Therefore, at this stage is still the main artificial repair.

5) multiple hot pressing process

Although many times hot pressing process cumbersome, human and material resources are high, the performance requirements of the adhesive is also higher, but most of the domestic small and medium-sized plywood business or use a number of hot-pressing process. The main reason is that the process can be a large number of low-grade veneer to produce a more flat surface, better stability, and can adapt to the needs of higher grade plywood, such as flooring substrate plywood.