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Preparations For The Dispenser Prior To Use
Dec 14, 2016

To prepare the process of dispensing product file first, then according to the file list to receive materials and check for PCB already open package, to see the opening time to judge whether there is damp or polluted, if there is a need to wash and bake.
Should how judge products whether to damp does, general situation Xia, Kaifeng Hou to check packaging within of humidity displayed card, dang humidity card Shang displayed of humidity is greater than 20% Shi, description products has damp, must in for posted loaded work Qian for to tide processing work, how to tide does, actually also is simple, only need using electric blast dry box for baking on can has, here to note of is baking time should in 12-20 hours. And bake temperature should be maintained at around 125 ℃.
After the mounting work is ready before, you need to proof-check and backup patch work, according to the file in the component list carefully proof-read about the whole procedure. Proofread content includes the name of the component, has type, and so on. Proofing a differential file details to be modified, the revised calibration and test again.