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Rotary Cut Line Maintenance For The First
Dec 14, 2016

Do not know how to maintain good machines also use bad, rotary cut lines as a kind of a large class, should understand the conservation first. Through conservation in daily use, better protection of the rotating cutting line quality.
In daily life, on the use of Rotary cutting line equipment at some point, small special to introduce.
1, should carefully check all parts before starting the lathe, locking status for all fasteners should be reliable, rotating parts without blocking.
2 two motors, Rotary cutting machine main transmission linkage mechanism, you should note the motor rotation direction, must press the steering requirements wiring.
3, Rotary cutting machine of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric control should strictly follow the instruction.
4, lathe stand between the two knife rollers.
5, cutting machine lubricate parts must be lubricated regularly, in addition to outside the box of the servo motor, gear box and remaining grease.
6, each loaded knife veneer dimensions in the data are marked on the nameplate. In dimensioning according to hard and soft wood loaded knife height adjustment.