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Rotary Cutting Shear Machine Use And Maintenance Measures Are Equally Important
Dec 14, 2016

For Rotary cutting shear machine woodworking machinery, as well as the human body, is needed to protect and take care of, we not only pay attention to the usual security, but also to focus on day-to-day maintenance. Rotary cutting shear machine usage and maintenance is also important, is our focus cannot be ignored.
In spin cut shear one machine of using Shang, must to according to normal, and professional of work mode to operation, first open gates, what when power, what when put into wood, put into wood of size, and angle and so on, are is need we in induction Qian by to do of training, only master full of professional operation process, only not in encountered work fault of when scurry.
After using Rotary cutting shear machine, Rotary cutting shear machine idle time must pay attention to maintenance, check the failure of parts in a timely manner, replacements or adjustments in a timely manner, usually also to take note of the lubricating grease, these aspects are all we need to do the daily work.