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Veneer Machine More Reliable
Jun 27, 2017

Why is the Veneer Machine flash?

To single-board machine for wire cutting control system has been more than 20 years, is currently serving the line cutting machine to control the board for about 85% of the total, the main reason is the stability of single board and reliable and simple operation, It can be said that the control system of the Veneer Machine is mature and well tested, and has great social recognition degree.

At present, I produced the line cutting is C51 Veneer Machine to do the master control system, plus E58 commitment to operation and display, function is extended, the operating habits and no major difference in the past, higher reliability. And the display system uses 16-bit all-factor display, so that the operator can always find any control data information.

But occasionally found in the random flash in the random, which is mostly power system failure, such as AC power supply serious instability, the emergence of higher frequency intermittent power supply. It may also be a Veneer Machine power system out of trouble, such as 5V three-way regulator block open circuit, power supply filter capacitor capacity is too small or serious leakage. Bridge rectifier half-arm circuit. Very little motherboard reason.

Due to a variety of illegal or misuse, usually do not appear flash, just show some kind of error only, with standby, on the file, L4 key can be restored Veneer Machine starting state, the most power off once.

The biggest difference between single board and single chip is the system.

(CPU, ROM, RAM, input / output interface circuit and other auxiliary circuit) all assembled on a printed circuit board, and then printed circuit will be connected to the various functional chips The

The microcontroller is an integrated circuit chip integrated with CPU, program memory, data memory, input / output interface circuits, timers / counters, interrupt controllers, analog / digital converters, digital-to-analog converters, modems and other components.

Single-chip use

Microcontrollers due to the small size, low cost characteristics, a large number of living equipment for modernization. Like our daily life in the smart appliances, cars and so on.