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Woodworking Machine Install Safety Guards
Jun 27, 2017

Woodworking refers to the process of cutting the wood fiber through the tool to change the shape, size and surface quality of the wood. Woodworking Machine is called Woodworking Machine. Woodworking Machine used in large quantities, widely used in construction, furniture, wood processing plant and home decoration and other industries. Woodworking Machine a wide range, according to its working principle, the scope and performance of the structure can be divided into wood sawing machine, planer, milling machine, drilling, lathes and sanding machines. Woodworking Machine and equipment are more dangerous operation of the equipment, because most of the operators by hand feeding, hands and tools closer, so prone to security incidents. In the processing, but also produce a lot of wood chips, dust, noise, which are harmful to human health.

Danger arising from the processing of wood products

Woodworking Machine parts or tools out of the risk of wood products processing, the machine parts, the tool accident caused by the break and fly out, will lead to injury accidents. For example: saws on the saws on the broken saw, sanding machine on the broken belt, woodworking planer is not clamped out of the blade and so on.

1The risk of contact with the workpiece during processing In the processing, contact with the workpiece can cause damage. Woodworking Machine used manual feeding, which is one of the reasons easily injured. When the hand to push the wood feed, encounter knots, bending or other abnormal circumstances, the hand will not consciously contact with the edge of the hand caused by cutting or even broken fingers.

The operator is in violation of the operational procedures

Many injuries are man-made. Operators are not familiar with woodworking mechanical performance and safe operating procedures, or do not operate in accordance with safe operating procedures, combined with Woodworking Machine and equipment without the installation of safety devices or safety equipment failure, are likely to cause injury accidents.

Risk of exposure to high-speed rotating tools

Woodworking Machine and equipment work shaft speed is very high, generally to 2 500 ~ 6000 r / min, up to 20000 r / min, rotating inertia. Operators in order to make it stop as soon as possible after the motor stopped, often used to hand or stick brake, often due to inadvertent contact with the sharp tool damage.

Hazardous wood chips out of the wood products processing, resulting in a lot of wood chips, such as circular saw machine is not equipped with protective cover, sawdust chips or fragments may be greater speed (more than 100 km / h) fly To the operator's face, causing serious damage to the operator.

Danger of burning and explosion of wood or wood flour Wood is a combustible material. When the wood powder produced in the process reaches a certain concentration in the air, an explosive mixture is formed. When the wood flour in the workshop too much accumulation, especially when exposed to the radiator or steam tube easily lead to smoldering.

Danger due to manufacturing reasons Most woodworking machines are manufactured with low precision and lack of necessary safety precautions, or equipment malfunctions, and are more manual and prone to accidents than other machines.

Risk of electric shock

Woodworking machine used motor for three-phase 380 V power supply, once the insulator damage, it is easy to cause electric shock.

The risk of injury to the workpiece In the absence of the installation of the multi-blade saw blade woodworking circular saw machine, woodworking planer, prone to the back of the workpiece injury risk.