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Woodworking Machine Mechanical Performance And Safe Operation Technology Is Very Important
Oct 27, 2017

Woodworking Machine refers to the wood processing technology, the wood processing of semi-finished products into a wood products of a class of machine tools. Furniture machinery is an important part of Woodworking Machine. But because of the high speed of the knife shaft, multi-knife multi-blade, manual feed, low level of automation, combined with Woodworking Machine cutting process noise, vibration, dust, poor operating environment, workers labor intensity, fatigue, Personnel are not familiar with woodworking mechanical performance and safe operation technology or do not follow the safe operating procedures to manipulate the machine, there is no safety protection device or safety protection device failure and other reasons, leading to woodworking mechanical injury accidents.

Mechanical damage mainly includes the cutting of the tool damage, the impact of wood damage, flying out of the damage, these are common types of wood processing damage. Such as Woodworking Machine used by manual feeding, when the hand pushed the wood feed, often encountered knots, bending or other defects, and the hand and the blade contact, causing damage or even cut off the fingers; sawing wood, sawing The wood to the side of the direction of gravity movement; wood moisture content, wood, knots and other defects caused by folder saw; in the tool under the action of horizontal force, the wood bounce to the side; (Such as cracks, strength is not enough, etc.); tool installation is not correct, such as the blade too tight or planer blade is too high; re-processing nails and other debris of waste wood and so on.

Woodworking Machine refers to the wood processing technology, the wood processing of semi-finished products into a wood products of a class of machine tools. Since the 21st century, the rapid development of China's Woodworking Machine industry, more than Italy in 2011, and more than Germany in 2013, becoming the largest Woodworking Machine producing countries.

The current global Woodworking Machine industry market size is moving to emerging industrial countries. The EU is the largest importer of Woodworking Machine, followed by Asia; Woodworking Machine is mainly exported to China, Germany and Italy. 2006-2008, the global Woodworking Machine industry market size of the rapid growth in 2008 by the US financial crisis and the European sovereign debt crisis, Europe and North America Woodworking Machine market demand is weak, the global Woodworking Machine market growth slowed. In 2015, China's Woodworking Machine market has declined significantly, affecting the overall growth rate of the global market.

China's Woodworking Machine industry is basically divided into high-end, mid-range, low-end three parts. The international Woodworking Machine giants dominated by the Chinese Woodworking Machine high-end market; to South Hing, Qingcheng, Hongya as the representative of the domestic Woodworking Machine leading enterprises are dominated by domestic Woodworking Machine in the high-end market; Other small and medium-sized Woodworking Machine enterprises in the low-end market price war.

China's Woodworking Machine enterprises continue to develop, making China's imports of Woodworking Machine and equipment from 820 million US dollars in 2010 reduced to 360 million US dollars in 2015, and with China's Woodworking Machine technology gap between the narrow, will be part of the foreign high-end woodworking Mechanical alternative. At present, China's high-end product market is still occupied by international giants, but with the narrowing of the technology gap, domestic enterprises can rely on cost-effective and strong marketing network to seize the international giants of the market space.

Woodworking Machine is widely used in furniture, wooden doors, flooring, the production of cabinets and the combination of building decoration, vehicle production in the use of man-made sheet metal processing. Woodworking Machine industry downstream applications continue to expand, in which the furniture industry is the wood industry's most important downstream industry, the development of the furniture industry and market size have a direct impact on the development of Woodworking Machine industry. China as the world's largest developing country, in recent years with the increase in household income, housing construction area, hotel and office building area expansion, furniture market demand has been a greater release, driving the rapid growth of the furniture industry.