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Woodworking Machine Product Technology Level Of The Gradual Increase
Jul 18, 2017

Woodworking Machine , refers to the processing of wood, wood and wood products for the production of special machinery for the sawmill, furniture, wood products processing industries. In accordance with the industrial product structure and R & D direction of the different Woodworking Machine  can be divided into woodworking and wood-based panel machinery and furniture machinery two categories. Among them, the furniture machinery can be divided into solid wood furniture machinery, plate furniture machinery, bamboo and rattan furniture machinery and non-wood furniture machinery.

2, the global Woodworking Machine  industry, the basic situation

The global Woodworking Machine  market is mainly distributed in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. In 2010, the global emerging industrial countries to develop the wood processing industry, making the rapid movement of Woodworking Machine  market, which China and Vietnam, the most significant growth in the market. In 2011, the impact of the US financial crisis has not yet completely faded, the outbreak of sovereign debt crisis in Europe, international trade and investment growth fell, the pace of global economic recovery slowed down significantly. In this economic environment, Europe and North America Woodworking Machine  market demand growth is weak, leading to the global Woodworking Machine  market growth slowed.

From the global Woodworking Machine  market, the EU is the largest Woodworking Machine  import area, followed by Asia. Imported Woodworking Machine  major countries and regions include: China, the United States, Germany, Russia and France; export Woodworking Machine  major countries and regions include: Germany, Italy, China and Japan. China in the global Woodworking Machine  market is becoming increasingly important, both the main exporting countries, but also the major importing countries, the domestic market in the high-end

Woodworking Machine  demand is very strong, basically rely on foreign imports. If domestic enterprises to strengthen technology research and development, as soon as possible to achieve import substitution, will be able to obtain a broader market space.

In recent years, China's rapid development of Woodworking Machine , imports have been dependent on the type of independent production. As China's Woodworking Machine  products in the production or price advantage, China has now become a Woodworking Machine  production power. By the global financial crisis, in 2009 the growth rate of domestic Woodworking Machine  market slowed down, but with the global economic environment for the better, downstream furniture manufacturing, doors, cabinets and other industries increased demand, China's Woodworking Machine  market and export scale Resume rapid growth. In 2011, China's Woodworking Machine  industry market size of 27.744 billion yuan. China's Woodworking Machine  market in 2012 is about 23.3 billion yuan. 2012 Woodworking Machine  market decline in the main reason for its sub-sectors of wood-based panel machinery market decline is more obvious, at the same time, forestry machinery, wood products machinery also declined. In the context of the overall decline in the size of the domestic Woodworking Machine  market, due to the rapid development of custom furniture, and plate furniture machinery more used in some solid wood veneer 5 mm or more solid wood furniture or flooring processing, therefore, the plate furniture machinery industry The market size is still slightly up.

At present, China's Woodworking Machine  products are mainly exported to the EU, the United States, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Brazil, Southeast Asia and Australia and other countries and regions, including the United States and Germany is China's largest Woodworking Machine  exports. China's exports of Woodworking Machine  products in the low-end market has dominated, including precision cutting board saw, straight edge banding machine, sanding machine, surrounded by plane and many other products have opened the channel to the international market. The future of Central and South America, the Middle East, Africa and other emerging market demand for the gradual expansion of the relatively high cost of China's Woodworking Machine  products bring great opportunities for development. At the same time, with the Chinese Woodworking Machine  products, the gradual improvement of technical level, domestic enterprises in Europe and the United States and other developed countries will gain more market share.