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Woodworking Machine Realize Automation
Sep 28, 2017

China's woodworking machinery manufacturing enterprises want to go to the world, to dominate the world, this goal should be implemented from now on. Therefore, China's attention to the development of technology, the lack of technology-based enterprises in China, therefore, makes the development of China's stamina is clearly inadequate, therefore, our future goals to the technical aspects of alignment, increase efforts to develop their own new technology, In the future there is more in the magnificent progress, take this step, our country to win the initiative, or you will never win other international companies.

1 digital control equipment development direction

CNC technology is an important step in the development of technical countries in China, the introduction of CNC technology into woodworking machinery, making woodworking machinery to achieve self-integration, woodworking machinery is more efficient and accurate. Woodworking automation is the industry's urgent need to develop advanced technology, automation is the eternal theme of the development of woodworking machinery, CNC technology is the continuation and end of the goal.

Automation is a national level of industrialization embodies, China's furniture industry, wood products processing industry, wood-based panel industry automation depends on the woodworking machinery industry, therefore, only let CNC woodworking machinery technology is truly automated is our goal and development goals direction.

2 wood products and furniture CNC processing equipment development direction

Wood products, furniture, so that China's major development of professional, because China has a large number of logs, so the need for advanced wood system, with the development of new technologies, China's wood processing equipment gradually with the international advanced level, but still And the international advanced technology has a great gap, therefore, China's system of wood technology still need to develop into a higher, not only in order to integrate with international technology, we should have beyond the confidence of other countries, so that let me Woodworking technology to a higher level.

3 wood drying technology CNC development direction

China's wood dryer in the international community has a broad low-end market, its price is very low, almost monopolized the entire low-end market, but still did not create the scale for the characteristics of dryers, dry industry is also far from the international leading level. So our next goal should be to the characteristics of the dryer to launch the impact of the dryer technology and CNC together to produce our own characteristics of the automatic characteristics of the dryer, making China's drying technology to further develop.

Woodworking machinery at the start, the motor current will be 5-6 times higher than the rated, not only will affect the life of the motor and consume more power system in the design of the motor selection will leave a margin, The speed of the motor is fixed, but in the actual use of the process, sometimes to lower or higher speed operation, so the frequency conversion is very necessary. The inverter can realize the soft start of the motor, and change the input voltage frequency of the device to achieve the purpose of energy saving and speed regulation, and can provide over-current, overvoltage and overload protection to the equipment.