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Woodworking Machine Safe Operation Technology
Jun 16, 2017

Safety knowledge of Woodworking Machine 

Woodworking Machine  and equipment are more dangerous machinery and equipment, easily lead to injury accidents.

A). The main reasons for the occurrence of Woodworking Machine  accidents are the following four aspects:

1. Woodworking Machine  work shaft speed is very high, rotating inertia, difficult to brake. Operators in order to make it stop as soon as possible after the motor stopped, often used to hand or stick to brake, often due to inadvertently hand contact with the rotating tool and cause injury.

2. Woodworking Machine  used manual feeding, which is lurking the reasons for injury. When the hand to push the wood feed, due to encounter knots, bending or other defects, unconsciously hand and edge contact caused by injury.

3. Woodworking Machine  high speed, coupled with the processing of wood uneven, cutting process noise, vibration, workers labor intensity, easy fatigue. These factors are easy to make the operator mistakes caused by injury.

4. Operators are not familiar with woodworking mechanical performance and safe operation technology, or do not follow the safe operating procedures, combined with Woodworking Machine  and equipment without the installation of safety devices or safety guards failure, are likely to cause injury accidents.

(B) the prevention of Woodworking Machine  accident measures are the following five aspects:

1. All kinds of Woodworking Machine  and equipment should be set up an effective brake device, safety protection device and vacuum chip removal device.

2. During the use of Woodworking Machine  and equipment, must ensure that any cutting speed in the use of any tool will not produce harmful vibration, so as to avoid dangerous operation.

3. All exposed belt, turntable, shaft, etc., should have a protective cover.

4. Arbor and electrical appliances should have a chain device, so as not to disassemble and replace the tool, the touch of the power button to make the tool rotation, causing damage.

5. Where conditions are available, automatic feeding devices should be installed for all Woodworking Machine .

Equipped with full-time or part-time electrical maintenance personnel, regular maintenance of Woodworking Machine  and electrical maintenance. Woodworking Machine  and electrical maintenance of the professional level of the higher requirements of the furniture factory general electrical staff of the more difficult mechanical and electrical maintenance there are some difficulties. But can be under the guidance of the machine manufacturer, do the daily maintenance of electrical appliances and regular maintenance, at any time to exclude the use of Woodworking Machine  electrical accidents arising from the accident.

Also in the process of mechanical use, to scientifically estimate the electrical power of the machine, configure a reasonable meter capacity. Furniture manufacturers in the new machinery and equipment must be re-estimated the total capacity of the enterprise's power consumption, the original capacity of the electrical capacity must be enough capacity, can not wait until the machine out of trouble and then capacity. Light equipment does not increase the power consumption capacity, it is tantamount to plant the hidden danger of electrical hazards.

You must regularly check the electrical lines, replace the old line cross-sectional area is not enough cable to ensure the use of mechanical appliances need. In the case of regional voltage stability, the unit voltage instability can be considered to replace the cable; in the case of regional voltage instability to consider the capacity and replace the cable.

Finally, to adjust the frequency of power use, the rational use of electricity. Woodworking Machine  power consumption is very small, in the furniture production should be reasonable with the power of different sizes of machinery, to maintain the unit time within the mechanical power consumption of the relative balance.