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Woodworking Machine Various Kinds
May 24, 2017

1. Log processing machinery

The main purpose of the processing of raw materials for the logs, such as sawing, veneer, dehumidification, etc., a large circular saw machine, belt saw, peeling machine and so on.

2. Plate manufacturing

See GM Woodworking Article 2. Another surface coating equipment.

3. Furniture manufacturing machinery

Including board furniture, office furniture, solid wood furniture, cabinets, wooden doors, etc. from the sawing, forming, profiling, drilling, open and trench, splicing combination, glue, paint to the packaging and other aspects, can be processed by the machine carry out.

4, floor, wall skirt board, wallboard production equipment

The main machinery and equipment are single-chip saw, square plane, double-headed milling machine, sanding machine, roller coating machine, UV

According to the processing function can be divided into:


The main equipment are: circular saw, also known as windmill saw, belt saw, single piece saw, multi-chip saw, push table saw, open material saw, double saw


Major equipment: a card peeling machine, no card peeling machine, wood peeling machine, and so on


There are ordinary lathes, profiled lathes, back knife lathe, CNC lathes and so on


Ordinary planer, oblique plane planing, automatic planing and so on

Milling machine

Vertical shaft milling machine, vertical engraving machine, hanging engraving machine, pneumatic hanging machine, trimming machine, double-headed milling, comb machine, tenon machine, CNC engraving machine, etc.


Sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, sanding machine, Chiba round sand, sponge round sand, disc sander, Taiwan sander, and so on


Vertical bench drill, horizontal bench drill, vertical row drill, horizontal row drill, vertical perforated drill, single row drill, multi-row drill, hinge drill, etc

Pressure gluing

There are cold press, hot press, pneumatic assembly machine, electric assembly machine, hydraulic assembly machine, then long machine, puzzle machine, coating machine

Surface treatment

There are stickers, Edge machines, thermal transfer machines, vacuum laminating machines and so on

Paint painting

Primer sanding machine, spraying machine, electrostatic spraying machine, roller coater, UV dryer, shower curtain, dust removal machine, belt line, paint box, etc.

Wood processing

There are wood drying machine, wood moisture machine, fill plate machine, wood moisture meter and so on

Woodworking workshop dust removal system

Woodworking workshop dust removal system is divided into single bag filter, small indoor dust removal equipment, large-scale pulse dust removal system