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Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe Higher Numerical Control Automation Level
Aug 07, 2017

In recent years, China's Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe CNC Lathe has a very important international status, China's furniture, wood-based panels, wood products processing industry is the world's first industry. However, with the transformation of the downstream furniture manufacturing market, the transformation and upgrading of traditional Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe has become increasingly unable to adapt to the fierce, efficient and changing market demand, the traditional Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe profits have been low to the bottom, some products even reached The price of selling iron. CNC technology to reduce the production costs of wood products, wood products factory to obtain a huge profit. As a result, the direction of furniture-based feedback to the upstream Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe industry, the more urgent need for higher quality of woodworking automation equipment.

 In China, the development of woodworking machine tool production capacity is limited, compared to the traditional PLC or single-chip form of the process control system, the application of numerical control technology for enterprise technology research and development and control of high strength, CNC Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe software and hardware system development has been There is no big progress. International or Taiwan well-known production of woodworking CNC system control system there are a variety of flaws and even inconvenience, therefore, the development of localized woodworking CNC system is to require the current hardware and software to adapt to the domestic Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe dedicated needs. Guangzhou Nimer company developed NCI0632-MLK-A CNC system, inherited from the metal CNC system of fine tradition, specifically with Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe-related mainstream technology needs, in the interface, functional design, process parameters, CAM software package, Supporting, system protection and other aspects of continuous innovation and progress, is the industry's only wood industry can provide a full set of CNC system solutions for high-tech enterprises. CNC system technology and traditional mechanical manufacturing technology has a huge technical differences, today, foreign production of large-scale CNC wood processing equipment business is relying on supporting the cooperation of the software company to produce CNC Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe, domestic Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe manufacturers should also use our CNC software company The numerical control technology develops the numerical control woodworking equipment.

As the wood processing machinery varieties, the development of CNC Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe can only be qualitative discussion, the entire industry's technological progress depends on the promotion of CNC technology to improve China's Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe industry, the level of CNC technology is the development of the entire wood industry needs. China's Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe industry is the furniture and wood-based panel production industry, where the hope for the wood processing users to provide large, intelligent, CNC automation of the new wood processing equipment, such as the processing center in the form of NC feeder, plate furniture, CNC integrated materials, automatic control of the production line, vertical fight cross fight automation intelligent CNC puzzle machine, chair legs of the automatic loading and unloading and multi-station processing CNC combination processing center, light control circular saw automatic adjustment CNC machine tools, new wooden window CNC Processing production lines, CNC engraving of the wooden processing production lines, floor processing of the automatic unmanned CNC production lines, etc., will be the industry the next 10 years of development direction.

        Looking at the development of new international Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe technology, China's Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe CNC technology is coming soon. China's Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe manufacturing industry should make full use of international advanced technology to determine their own best CNC product development direction, the development of Chinese characteristics of wood processing CNC machinery, to strengthen cooperation in production and research, on the one hand research and development and market demand closely related products, On the one hand should actively increase investment in technology development, the development of market prospects of the product, in the process of economic globalization, so that CNC technology for the Chinese Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe manufacturing industry and create greater glories.