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Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe Prompting The Machine Tool Industry To Increasingly Use Industrial Robots And Intelligent Manufacturing Technology
Oct 27, 2017

At present, the global Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe are moving in the direction of intelligent, automated, integrated development. And as the main force in the manufacturing industry - Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe, the future want to have a better development, but also combined with industrial robots.

At present, China's robot industry is still a weak technical foundation, the key core parts are heavily dependent on imports, scientific and technological achievements into the application, the standard system, market cultivation and other links are lagging behind, with market influence of independent brands have not yet formed, homogenization of competition continues to intensify And other issues. Ministry of Industry Su Bo said that by strengthening the top design, and guide the development of the industry, while improving the standard system, the organization of China's robot industry industry standard system structure and standard schedule, increase the robot industry, financial support and policy support, etc. Support the healthy development of the robot industry.

Robot industry is ushering in the golden development opportunities, how to promote the industrial robot industry and machine tool industry, the integration of development, how to do industrial robots and CNC machine tools are integrated applications, has become the current modern equipment manufacturing industry to upgrade an important topic.

Many of the jobs in the machine tool manufacturing process rely mainly on the physical and technical skills of workers, low production efficiency, labor intensity, lack of skilled workers, it is difficult to protect product stability and consistency, and make the machine tool industry more and more industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing Technology to transform the traditional process. In the case of

In the past, expensive imported robots and production lines were mainly used in a small number of industries such as automobiles. In the machine tool industry and other equipment manufacturing industry applications, the proportion of low, largely restricting the domestic machine tool industry to improve the degree of automation.

CNC system as a numerical control machine tool control brain, domestic CNC system manufacturers have mastered the five-axis linkage, small line interpolation, dynamic error compensation and other control technology, but also developed a high-performance, high-power servo drive, independent research and development to promote technological innovation and Progress, but also initiation of the industrial robot industry prototype, urging the development of industry.

Believe that with the NC system continues to integrate into the Woodworking Machinery CNC Lathe, the future of woodworking machinery industry will also be moving in the direction of automation.