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  • Optical Light Projection Log Centering Machine

    Optical Light Projection Log Centering Machine

    With optical light scanning it can accurately test center of log, then load to rotary peeling machine. It is suitable for log of big diameter.Read More

  • Vertical Log Centering Machine

    Vertical Log Centering Machine

    This machine is supporting equipment for veneer rotary peeling machine. Log is conveyed by chain to centering position, tightened through clamping arm, then put on the spindle peeling machine. With hydraulic clamping, centering accurately, it is suitable for diameter less...Read More

  • Log Centering & Swing Charger

    Log Centering & Swing Charger

    With three-point centering, it suitable for log diameter 600mm. After centering, convey log to spindle rotary peeling machine.Read More

  • Veneer Clipper

    Veneer Clipper

    Blade shaft and veneer conveying are driven by servo control system. With 3 blades max.feeding speed can reach to 100m/min. It is easy to operate after setting the procedure.Read More

  • Automatic Plywood Veneer Stacker

    Automatic Plywood Veneer Stacker

    The veneer can be stacked by automatic. It can save labour, greatly improve working efficiency.Read More

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